TH 2-cavity pet blow molding machine for mineral bottles

a.High Innovation:
1),Cooperation with different atmospheric pressure for blowing  and mechanical action by dividing the blowing and action into three parts in  the air pressure diagram of the machine;
2),Unique design of the position of valve to make the air  pressure diagram of the machine would be easier to understand;
3),Strong clamping force with high pressure and double crank links to lock the  mold tightly;
4),Ideal effect of the chilling with the chilling system;
a.8.High environmental protection: No contamination and low noise with  the air cylinder to drive the action instead of the oil pump;
a.9. High convenience:
1),Two ways of operating: automatic and manual;
2),Low cost (lower consumption of electricity,air and water), high   efficiency, easy operation, easy maintenance, etc, with automatic technological  process;
3), Easy installation and starting;
a.10.High Quantity: Low rejection rate: less than 0.2 percent.      

CONTAINERTheoretical outputPcs/Hr2000
Max.container volumeL2L
Max.neck diameterMM38
Max.container diameterMM105
Max.container heightMM350
Number of cavityCavity2

Actual power consumption

Heating powerKW30
Actual total powerKW33
AIR SYSTEMOperataiting low pressureMpa0.7
Low pressure consumptionM3/min0.6-0.8
Blowing pressureMpa3.5
High pressure consumption


CHILLER WHATEROperating pressureMpa0.3-0.5
MACHINEMachine dimensionM2.4x1.5x1.9
Machine weightKg2200